ULS’ existence is intrinsically linked to the effective utilisation of our planet’s natural resources. As a result, we are serious about earth matters such as energy saving. Starting with our offices, we have procedures and protocols in place like:

• Turning off lights and air conditioners at night and over weekends
• Utilising energy saving light bulbs where practical
• Phasing out all obsolete, high energy consuming technologies (screens, printers, etc)
• Constantly investigating other energy saving options such as an integrated solar power solution for our offices.

When it comes to ULS projects, upgrades or new plants, ULS specifically looks at energy saving issues, for example:

Re-using of water
This is almost always a prime concern and ULS tries to recover as much of the project water for re-use as possible by using thickeners, filters return water systems etc.

Alternative energies
In the rest of Africa, where grid power is either not available or unreliable, alternative energies are often an integral part of the project solution.  Solar power is currently the most viable option but biomass and wind options are also considered.

ULS specify high efficiency motors and low power consumption lighting on all the plants we design.

Staying abreast the latest research in energy saving, specific to the industry is a priority at ULS.

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